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You are a financial analyst who is scouting investment opportunities in your assigned country (Japan, Bangladesh, etc.). You are producing an investment report or proposal for potential business partners or clients.

Be sure to do ALL of the following:

  • Use first-person narrative (i.e. I, we).
  • Identify investment opportunities in one or more of the following sectors: industry, energy, tourism, technology, health, education. Explain how the investments will benefit certain groups of people. For example, mosquito nets and water filters can prevent disease.
  • Identify obstacles to success. Explain how they will be overcome so that your ideas can realistically be implemented.
  • Explain how you will produce a profit in a competitive business environment. Compare the relevant sectors (industry, energy, etc.) of your assigned country with China’s.
  • Make connections with China by drawing from the textbook or online sources.
  • Download the template  Download template. Open the DOCX file in MS Word or Google Drive. Perform research and fill in the placeholders in the template.
  • For each slide in the Script section, type an image description, narration, and word count. The written text of your narration must include all you say in the presentation, not only a summary.
  • Use a calculator to add the word counts for all of your slides. Record the sum in the Total Word Count section.
  • For each source in the Annotated Bibliography section, type an APA citation, source description (1-2 sentences), and information summary (1-2 sentences). Use reputable sources (e.g. government sites, journals, BBC, Economist, New York Times, etc.). Use as many sources as necessary.
【Please match one picture with about 100-200 words according to the pattern of the writing sample. And compare Pakistan with China. The content of China is in the file I uploaded.】