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Word Limit
3,500 words. The word count is to exclude the Cover Page, the Table of Contents, in-text references,
text associated with tables and graphs…etc.
Your Research Proposal must include all the following sections in the given order:
1. Abstract (approximately 100 words)
 Together with the Title, should convey the essence of the research, stated in a clear, precise,
accurate and appealing way, capturing the attention and interest from the reader.
2. Introduction (approximately 400 words)
 What is it all about? Or stating clearly the direction of the research.
 Central idea of the topic of investigation, purpose and aims of the research;
 Background to the study (contextual information, which may include a summary on how the
idea came up and the circumstances within which the research will occur);
 Why is it important to run this research?
 Structure of the present proposal
3. Literature Review (approximately 1200 words)
 What is already known about this topic?
 Demonstrating the necessary intellectual familiarity with the research field
 Relevant topics and key ideas, themes and terms in the area of study
 Theoretical framework
 Relevant research in the field of study
 Where the proposed research fits in?
 What is new about it?
 Providing rationale for research questions and methodological options – drawing your
conceptual framework
4. Methodology (approximately 1350 words)
 What do we want to find out, and how to get there?
 Research questions (and/or hypothesis), Aims and Objectives
 Philosophical assumptions, research approach to theory development, type of research and
justification for methodological choices
 Research design and strategies
 Sampling, if applicable, or people selection procedures
 Data collection and data analysis methods
 Resources and time planning (project management)
 Personal skills, travel, permissions, copies, software, translations, etc.
 Action plan, and timeline (identifying milestones and pre-requisites)
5. Ethical considerations (approximately 150 words)
 Assuring that the research is socially acceptable: What precautions and specific actions will be
taken to respect participant’s dignity, safety, freedom, privacy, confidentiality, and scientific
6. Limitations and Outcomes (approximately 300 words)
 Possible benefits of the study (how useful can it be?)
 Limitations of the research (what the study cannot achieve)
7. References:
List all references you used in your preparation of the Research Proposal including the preliminary
literature review. All references must follow the RGU Harvard referencing system.