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writing on the case of Mary Surratt

  • This writing exercise will focus on the case of Mary Surratt
  • After viewing the multi-media and reading material
  • Write a Level One heading
  • Your research question is three-fold: 1) Was Mary Surratt, in your view, guilty of the crime of conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln?; 2) Did Mary Surratt received a fair trial in the highly-charged atmosphere of post-Civil War America in 1865?; 2) Was the death penalty an appropriate punishment for the crime for which she was convicted?.
  • First paragraph should contain three introductory sentences and a thesis and purpose statement.
  • Write a Level Two heading:
  • Write three more paragraphs (five sentences minimum)
  • Write a fifth paragraph, Conclusion, centered and bolded
  • Summarize the prior information.