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Consider the purpose, audience, and stance you’ll take for your personal food essay (food memoir). Although you’re telling the story, that story needs to have a thesis (or main stance). It must help readers understand the “so what” of your story. Imagine that a literary magazine is interested in publishing your writing. Write a query statement that gives a summary of your presumed essay, making sure to include details on who is likely to engage with the ideas presented, why they would do so, and the conclusive statement you seek to make and why. Remember the goal of this task is to articulate the purpose of your story.  Be sure to read the assignment instructions and rubric again (if needed). Pay close attention to grading categories and assignment expectations. Be prepared to share your purpose, audience, and stance in class with classmates. In the event questions on the grading rubric come up, be sure to ask them before the completion of this task.