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  • n introductory paragraph that catches the reader’s attention and states a clear, debatable thesis statement
  • Approximately three body paragraphs that logically support your argument. Use direct quotations in each body paragraph to support your argument. Introduce quotations with signal phrases. Avoid dropped quotations (quotations which are not introduced with a signal phrase or integrated into a grammatically correct, complete sentence).
  • Include an in-text citation at the end of a quotation or paraphrase of information.
  • A conclusion paragraph that reminds the reader of the essay’s main idea but does not simply repeat it. Give the reader something useful and insightful to walk away with.
  • A descriptive, creative, and relevant Don’t simply write “Prompt 1,” for example.
  • Times New Roman or similar 12-pt. font, double spaced, and 1” margins
  •  A works cited page. See resources below from the Purdue OWL for help with MLA works cited page.
  • Texas State University Honor Code, written and “signed” at the end of the essay: