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For this writing assignment, first start by reading these two articles: a Time retrospective a study on public opinion ( I attached the file below)


immediately following the accident.


In class, we discussed a brief overview of what caused the Chernobyl accident and a few details as to the response towards it. It’s an event still discussed to this day. In this writing, I want you to explore how public opinion has shifted over time regarding nuclear power and specifically towards Chernobyl.

I would also like you to find one additional source to consider, though this doesn’t have to be academic. I would like this source to be an article or a conversation with a person who was alive and remembers the event. How does your source refer to the accident? Was there a shift in the opinion towards nuclear power because of the accident?

Your writing should include the following points:

1. How has public opinion of nuclear power shifted over the last four decades?

2. How has public opinion of the Chernobyl accident shifted since the initial event?

3. From your perspective, what are the lessons we should be taking forward from Chernobyl?

Your writing should be somewhere between 1 and 2 pages long and should cite all three (or more if desired) of your sources.