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General instructions:
Choose one topic below, clearly indicate your topic, and address the questions asked

Write a paper of about 400 words (it may be longer but not shorter)

Give the correct titles of the texts and name of authors you use

Do not consult any additional sources. Your only source is the textbook!

If you quote, follow the original text word for word (if you quote only part of an original
sentence, indicate the omission; if you integrate part of a quote into you own sentence, the overall
sentence still has to be grammatically correct)

Use quotation marks for all literal quotes

Give page references to the textbook for all quotes as well as for ideas you appropriate and

Clearly organize and explain your thoughts

Avoid grammatical and orthographic errors
Criteria for judging Reaction Papers: comprehension of the given text; willingness to engage with it;
quality of own arguments and ideas in response to the text; concise and persuasive presentation of own
arguments; creative connections made; quality of writing use of proper English.
1) Do you agree/disagree with John Locke’s claim that personal identity is a matter of memories and
that the body is irrelevant to a person’s selfidentity? Briefly summarize Locke’s position and
present your own point of view.

Reading: pp.335339

2) In your view, who is “Schwanda” in Meredith Michaels’ story of the steamroller accident?
Clearly explain the reasons for your position.

Reading: pp.346349

3) Do you agree/disagree with JeanPaul Sartre’s existentialist claim that the self is a matter of
personal choice and responsibility? Briefly summarize Sartre’s view and explain the reasons for
your own position.

Reading: pp.350354