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Video Review [25 points]: There is one short (2-3 page) writing assignment for this class. For this analysis you will choose a video from a list of videos provided by the professor, then write an analysis of how the video relates to what we are learning in class.This is not a summary of the video. You should write about how the video ties into the concepts we are discussing each week.


  1. Choose one video from the list on this page.
  2. For this analysis you are not writing a summary of the video. I already know what the videos are about. You should write an analysis of the content based on your observations.
  3. Include at least two anthropological concepts (from your readings) that are illustrated in the documentary. For example, if you choose to watch Ongka’s Big Moka, you might consider the discussion about political systems for some concepts that would be relevant to what is going on in that documentary.
  4. Write a 2-3 pages paper (6-9 paragraphs) analyzing the documentary using the anthropology terms you have chosen.
  5. Be sure to include your name -and- the name of the documentary video you chose to watch.
  6. Spelling and grammar also count.
Here’s the video