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Write a three page or more ethnographic description and at least two pages of notes about a subculture to which you belong. Examples of such subcultures include skateboarders, Catholics, Scientologists, cosplay enthusiasts, punks, pow wow dancers. Position yourself as an outsider. First, write two pages of notes and then an essay that includes answers to the following two sets of questions: Description: Who are the people that are members of this subculture? What do the members of this subculture do? Is there a key organizing belief/value or set of organizing beliefs/values that members of this subculture adhere to? Describe a specific event, site, or ritual practice that that expresses the key organizing belief in detail. Analysis: Be sure to state how that event, site, or ritual expresses the subculture’s organizing concepts. What are the characteristics that define people for inclusion/exclusion from this subculture? Finally, what did you learn about yourself in your reflection of your own subculture? Submit both your two pages of notes and three page or more essay.