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Medicine is a business and in order for your project to receive stakeholder support and to be sustainable, an well-defined budget is essential.. You can outline specific financial requirements in either a narrative or table format, but you must include both income and expenses that are projected for three years. Some of the information will need to be estimated based on national standards and current evidence (i.e. average reimbursement for a 99213 visit). Remember, all components of your project have an actual for perceived value! For example, even if you are donating your time, a RN at another practice in Alaska will need to know the average cost of a RN. Note: the example budget does not include references, however, you will need to include appropriate references regarding where you obtained the data, i.e. average hourly rate of RNs in your specialty.




The stakeholders are the patient (n=30), psychotherapist (n=2), Registered nurses (n=2), Nurse Practitioner (n=1).


The project is about promoting telehealth to improve attendance rate in cbt