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 Do you think it would be POSSIBLE to establish a truly classless society? Do you think it would be DESIRABLE to establish a truly classless society? 

Note: Elaborate on your answer to each question above using specific examples, including historical cases or situations of countries you know of in support of your argument(s). 

· Answer – Outline
Introductory paragraph – Define social stratification and/or social class – class system vs. 

caste system. 

Would it be possible to establish a classless society? 

– differences in sex, race, ethnicity
– ascribed status – e.g., royalty, caste system,
– social, cultural, and religious factors
– human nature – competition, greed,
– economic system or power – slavery, inheritance, oligarchy,
– political system – democracy, autocracy, dictatorship, etc.
– historical example – former Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, etc
– Handicapper-General analogy (ref:

Would it be desirable to establish a classless society? 

– Davis-Moore thesis of meritocracy (e.g., knowledge creation and maximization of talent, advancement in knowledge and expertise, etc.) 

– Motivation, drive, competitiveness, initiative, etc.
– Staffing for low-paying jobs
– Benefit of used goods market (e.g., clothing, automobile, etc.) – Lack of drive or initiative (e.g., Cuba)

Atleast choose 2 topics under question number 1 to discuss and elaborate with supporting info