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World Politics

Formal Paper Due: April 23rd-Worth 25% of the Final Grade-Please complete a formal paper between 1500-2000 words regarding the following:  Choose a global conflict of past or present world politics and discuss how issues of sovereignty and human rights were/are involved.  What lead to this conflict?  Is this conflict an extrastate, intrastate or extrastate conflict?  What are the viewpoints of each or all sides of the conflict?  From what we understand about international law and ideas on sovereignty; which paradigm is or was most present in the conflict: realism, constructivism, idealism, feminism and Marxism? What tells you this?  What international organizations show a strong presence in this conflict and what is their position and or motivation? Is this motivation genuine in your opinion?  What was the final outcome of this conflict? If the conflict is not resolved; what do you forsee as the viable outcome? Do not forget to use proper citation IN your paper: MLA, APA, footnoting etc. AND include a reference page at the end.