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Final Research Paper: You will write 3000-3,500-word essay as a comparative analysis of two films/directors belonging to two different geographical regions and/or traditions of filmmaking. Your task is to explain the similarities and differences in these films/directors in terms of representational style, aesthetic and political approaches to the human condition, their positionality as artists embodying (or representing) certain historical trends and developments within their cultural or linguistic contexts as well as these directors’/films’ participation in the national or global political economy of film.

Choice of two films/directors belonging to different cinematic traditions/regions: 1 p. Clearly articulated thesis statement that expresses the distinctions and similarities between the two media chosen for comparison (aesthetic, political, philosophical, geographical, historical): 2 p. Representational comparison: 1.5 p. Aesthetics comparison: 1.5 p. Politics of the films/directors: 1.5 p. Legacy of the films/directors within the systems of world cinema and within their respective national cinemas: 1.5 p. Grammar, proper essay development, length: 1 p.