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TOPIC: Women’s Place in the Family in Renaissance Florence


College students or faculty members who have not read Locke’s From Scratch and have not been exposed to the information in the articles and videos presented in this class.


To inform your audience about what you have discovered through your research and to persuade your audience to agree with your opinion as you state it throughout your essay.


  1. Use at least four “scholarly” sources.
  2. Use the MLA 9 format for page set-up, proper in-text citation, and your “Works Cited” page. Y
  3. Write a minimum of 1100 words.
  4. Smoothly synthesize the information from your sources with your own words so that they read in grammatically correct sentences. This applies to summaries, paraphrases and direct quotes of the sources.
  5. Use a signal phrase and give the full title of the source, the full name of the author, the author’s credentials, and the page number when first introducing each source. After the first mention, use only the author’s last name and the page number.  If there is not author, mention the first few words of the title. Ignore the requirement if there is not page number listed, as in an online source.
  6. Avoid plagiarism by citing sources properly.
  7. Compose focused and coherent paragraphs with one main point, a topic sentence that states this point, evidence from sources to support that point, and no information that is off point.
  8. Properly cite all sources in MLA format whether quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism.
  9. Create a title that reflects what your essay is about. Use the words in your thesis statement as a guide.
  10. Formulate a thesis statement that states a position you will support regarding your topic and use concrete language that lets your readers know what to expect.
  11. Include a WORKS CITED page according to the MLA, 9th edition format, which will serve as the last page of your essay.