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Write a short essay of about 1000 words on one of the following topics. You will find detailed lists of relevant secondary sources in the Resource List posted in Files on Quercus. Do not use websites except to access relevant books or articles from peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of African History, Canadian Journal of African Studies, International Journal of African History Studies, and others. Hard copies of books not in the UTSC Library can be found in Robarts Library downtown, and at other university libraries.

Option 2: Women and Colonialism
Women’s experience of colonialism was not the same as men’s. Colonial rule added to women’s burdens and at the same time they were largely excluded from the limited opportunities that came with colonial modernity. Indeed, one historian, Jeff Guy, refers to “an alliance of patriarchs” that upheld colonial rule. Choose one colony or locality and examine the main outlines of women’s experience of the colonial system. How specifically did the colonial system affect them? How did they respond? You should probably concentrate on one specific theme, such as women and work, the family, sexuality, Christianity, rural women, women and resistance, and so on. Make sure you utilize the Resource List.
Please upload your assignment to Quercus using the assignment upload function. 1,000 words excludes the bibliography but includes footnotes or references. Please double space your paper using 12 font and make sure you add your name and student number to the first page, as well as page numbers. Include references and a bibliography using Chicago or Harvard style. In text references are also acceptable. Please consult the Essay Writing Guide on Quercus for further advice on defining your thesis, using your research material, organizing the essay, referencing, and so on.