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LOOK UP THE CASE STUDY OF ” WILL TECHNOLOGY SAVE SEARS?  It on google if you want to find i dont no plagarism he is will
look through every sentence.
Also, this class AND book name is called ” ESSENTIALS SURVEY OF MIS” thats the title of the book if you have it or if you want to
 read the section its on pages 106-108.

My teacher is looking for what does this case study talking about and what are some possibilities of how can they save sears.

He want me to cover over the past 4 chapters.
1. Chapter 1= Bussiness Information System in your career
2. Chapter 2= Global E-bussiness and Collaboration
3. Chapter 3= Acheiving Competitive adavanatges with Information systems
4. Chapter 4= Ethical and Social Issues in Information systems
I need you for these its a big chuck of my grade i need this to be good I appericate you anyway for the fact your writing my paper i
 need you on this. Find all resoures if you need i hope i gave you a enough information.