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Directions from professor:1. This is mostly a reflection paper, so there is little or no need for outside sources. You are reflecting on these questions, considering what we have studied so far and/or your own educational background and experience. 2. If you use a source and quote from a source, you must document that source by adding a short bibliography, where you give all the information on your source. Bibliography should be page 3. 3. Paper must be double spaced, 12 point, Times Roman font, and one-inch margins. At the top of the page, please put your name, then following your name put the number of the topic you have chosen in parenthesis, ex., James Clark (2). Do not write out the question. 3. Any paper that is plagiarized will receive a “0” grade. There are severe consequences for plagiarism. 4. Correct spelling, good sentence structure, comprehension, coherency a good critical thinking will compose your grade.

If you can avoid to use outside sources it will be best because she said in clase we should only use the class material notes.