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Write a 750-word reflection on the nature and existence of God. Your paper should include (i) a discussion of which of the arguments for God’s existence examined in class (Aquinas 5 Ways + Bulgakov & Maximos on Personalism, Advaita/Nondualism, & the Humility of Dao) you agree with the most and why; (ii) an example from your daily life that shows this theory to be the most reasonable and helpful.


You do not need a title page, but please include your name, student ID, and the course name.


Use the philosophical vocabulary we learned in class to describe the theories.


You do not need references; Please DO NOT cite or use any sources except the course lectures, the moodle readings, or the powerpoint and resources cited in the powerpoint. You can find the powerpoint here: (If you cannot access this link, let me know and I will send you a copy.)


Please compare your preferred theory with the two other theories we learned about, telling me why it is more realistic or helpful than them. Alternatively, you could tell me which two theories you prefer over the third, and why. If you use examples from your personal life in describing and defending your preferred theory/theories, that is good. If not, you can add a second section to the essay in which you explicitly talk about a personal experience and how it relates to your preferred theory.