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Western Traditions: Antiquity to the
Middle Ages

HONR 101:

An interdisciplinary team of professors examines works from a variety
of disciplinary paradigms so that authors (such as Homer, Sappho,
Plato, Phidias, and Chaucer) are encountered as teachers who help us
to recognize and reflect on critical questions concerning the human
condition. Students will examine the recurring questions the works
pose to each other and to our own culture: questions about the
nature of human existence and destiny, and the characteristic
problems and possibilities of humanity’s struggle for justice, search
for truth, and hunger for beauty. Written and visual expressions of
these themes are examined in relation to the political and cultural
background of each period: Ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle
Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Romantic Period, and
This course is structured as three credit hours of lecture and three
credit hours of seminar each semester.
The HONR 101 Lecture Course (class number 1046) will be held
MoWeFr, from 12:35-1:25. See the Timetable for information on class
numbers, times/days, and instructors of individual discussion group