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Using the video from Episode 8 on Rowena, answer two of the following prompts: Please identify each prompt you answer by number and restate the question in bold letters.

Prompt 1: Explain in detail the different types of dementia.

Prompt 2:  Explain in detail the difference between ischemic vs. hemorrhagic stroke.

Prompt 3:Explain the use of tPAs (Tissue Plasminogen Activator)

Prompt 4: Describe additional treatments and  management that could be used in Rowena’s case.

Please correlate your responses to Rowena’s case. Content in this case scenario incorporates topics from Chapter 44 and 45.


  • 1-2 references to support your responses.
  • 1-2 full paragraph responses
  • Initial post due within two days after initial class
  • Minimum 2 Peer responses due before the next class.