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Subject: Organizational Behavior Bus 322 (No plagiarism, please respond in your own words)

Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strategic Education, Inc.,
Please respond to the following:
  • Share your biggest professional accomplishment to date and explain what prepared you for this accomplishment.
Please respond to classmates post: 
Hello Everyone,
I cannot believe we are now in Week 10 of this quarter already!  I am so excited to share what my most significant professional accomplishment has been to date with you.  So, let us get into it!  
My biggest professional accomplishment has been becoming a professional cleaning service owner.  The day that I resigned from the last job was February 12, 2020, after being talked down to for the last time by my boss at a school; at the time, I was a Custodian who had taken enough disrespect.  I wanted more, and I decided that I would have that.  Five years prior to that day, I had written down a plan to open a cleaning service, including the name, motto, mission, and more.  I was not thinking about starting this business when I decided to walk off the job and had still not thought about the plan that I had written out.  I also found a job the next day, and still, the cleaning service was at the back of my mind.
Two weeks after I started working at Target Distribution Center, 30 minutes away, my sister said to me, “Girl, just start your cleaning service because if you do not, you are gonna be working yourself to death forever.”  I then said that I forgot I had it written down, and she remembered that, which is why she said it.  On March 3, 2020, my husband and I leaped and got that EIN to start our business.  We have done this for the past two years and have done it with no financial assistance.  When applying for help, we only get turned down, but I know that we made the right choice from that day.  
We have not only been able to set a precedent in our area because now, at least two other cleaning service owners have started their business, but we have been able to refer people to them.  We can also support ourselves and have opened the door to become multi-business owners.  This has helped me see that I can do anything that I put my mind to.