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Watch the movie “le fate ignoranti and come up with 3 deep discussion questions.

here are some examples of deep discussion questions 
During the film le fate ignoranti, Antonia befriends many of Massimo’s gay and transgender friends. Consider the Italian, catholic, context of 2000-2001 (when the film was made and subsequently released): what is the impact of showing a straight, white woman, befriending people from these communities? Does it convey any social message or goal? Does it alter how you view the Italian context of the time, if so, how? 
In the film le fate ignoranti Ernesto is sick and tucked away in a bed within the home, and when Antonia first arrives the door is quickly shut to hide him. Compared to other outbreaks of disease such as the plague in Manzoni and Camus’ works, how are the sick depicted in this story? What difference does it make when the illness isn’t the main element that drives the plot? What layer does being in a group that is considered already ‘out of the norm’ add to the sickness label?