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Title or theme of the work :

Analysis of the performance of value chain in the honey production and beekeeping (apiculture): from farmers to consumers in Zambia. (NB: you may propose another country like South Africa, Cameroon, Angola, etc. if you want to propose based on your knowledge. I may consider that)
Required Contents:
1- Methodology
2- Overview of the beekeeping industry in Zambia (or in the chosen country)
     – this may or should include the followings: history, an overview of recent or current projects of beekeeping development programs, geographical mapping of the honey farming zones in the country, description of principal apiculture activities, overview of the honey production and products, analysis of the process of conditioning/marketing/sells like export honey business
3- Analysis of different actors and roles (including collectors and conditioners, small enterprises)
4- financial support structures or investments of honey production value chains
5- legislative and institutional frameworks of honey value chains
6 – consumers and markets of honey in the country, localization of main consumers.
7- analysis of value chains
8 – financial and economic analysis of honey value chains
9- strategies for developing the apiculture industry and economic growth potentials
10 – conclusion


NO PLAGIARISM – and proper citation and bibliography needed (bibliography does not count in the number of pages).
Based on that, when you send your quotation please tell me that you can follow that structure or give me another plan proposal for the term paper.
Thank you