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1. Select six of the following terms to discuss as part of your exam. Remember, it is important to identify 

the term as well as discuss its significance to the overall arc of United States history. Remember, it is important to be thorough and illustrate your full understanding of each of the items you choose. Newburgh Conspiracy Shays Rebellion Marbury v. Madison Lewis and Clark Expedition Embargo Act of 1807 Tecumseh Monroe Doctrine Missouri Compromise Nullification Crisis Indian Removal Act of 1830 The Lowell Experiment Nat Turners Rebellion

2. Essay (40 Points) Select one of the following prompts and write an essay as part of your exam. Remember, it is important to be thorough in your work and really illustrate what you have learned, know, and understand about the topic. Explain the most important points of disagreement between Hamiltons and Jeffersons interpretations of the Constitution. Then determine whose approach was more valid. Be sure to thoroughly support your conclusions. Discuss the main causes of the United States involvement in the War of 1812. What were the major consequences of this war for the United States? Why is it sometimes referred to as the Second War of American Independence? Discuss at least three ways technology changed the United States economy during the era of the Market Revolution. In what ways did Eli Whitneys cotton gin change the institution of slavery and the economy in the United States? Be thorough in your response. How did the experience of free blacks in the South compare with the experiences of those in the North? Be sure to discuss at least three key differences and be thorough in your response. Discuss at least three ways Andrew Jackson strengthened the power of the federal government and the office of the presidency. Be thorough in your response.