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-Integrate YOUR TOPIC – THAT WILL BE THE TITLE OF YOUR ESSAY (your choice of topics, from Jane’s  3rd Reasons for Hope,  The Power of Young People, connected to a current event. ).
2-Include connections with 2 examples in 100 Buildings of the Future (use examples that best fit YOUR TOPIC).
3-Include 2 items of independent research (matching your topic) with authors. For example, from New York Times, book or journal. Do a screening for Fake News.
4-Make a connection to your TOPIC with MASLOW’s THEORY.
5-Approximately 2-3 double spaced pages, with in-text citations and Work Cited after Essay, APA or MLA style. There will be 5 items on this list, our 2 books, Maslow and your 2 Independent References.
There will be a 1/2 grade deduction for each item left out.
A connection with a Community Resource connected to your TOPIC is an extra 5 points to your grade.