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the goal of this essay is to clearly define an original thesis to argue using each one of the sources. the sources will be attached for use along with the rubric, follow along checking the rubric for all requirements to be met. USE and REAS all texts!! site properly and site frequently

this unit focuses on the colonizing settlers coming to america and inputing laws justified by religion. i want this to be the main focus of the essay- i believe the separation of church and state in the united states never truly existed because (simple version) in the settlement of White european settlers religion was used to separate tribes and justify taking territory of the indigenous, when our nations laws were written they abide by the Catholic/Christian Church’s beliefs, even today we see our laws modeling those white christian beliefs being anti-gay anti-trans, if americans did have the true freedoms of religion such as our constitution says there would no be any one viewpoint influencing and controling our society as much as White Christianity does ……..Use the podcast for material on the current laws against trans youth
( i emphasize White Christianity because it has a significance relating to White people and the use of Christianity to justify creating/believing White Supremacy)
answer these additional questions in the essay and use them to frame the work – what we said we were going to do? what actually happened? How we got there and how Williams got there? what needs to be done?
what would i like to see be done? dont go too deep into this but i would like to see the reforming or eradicating of political parties because of the polarizing effect it has on many issues i think we all have the same wants and goals ideally but we cant come together because of party pride. taking accountability for the influence and intrusion religion has in our lawmaking