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Play the game spent online to understand health economics and healthcare decisions that patients make daily.

At least twice, play the game Spent Online. (Links to an external site.)

The first time you play, make the choices you would like to make without worrying about money. How long does your budget last? The subsequent times you play, make the choices you must make in order to stretch your budget for the entire month. Take notes as you play regarding the choices you make, the sacrifices they involve, and how it makes you feel. Try to imagine yourself facing these choices in your real life. Play the game as many times as you need in order to make it through the month without running out of money.

Describe the choices and sacrifices you had to make in Spent in order to stretch your budget through the month. How did your choices differ when you focused on stretching your budget for the month versus making your ideal choice without worrying about money? How did it make you feel to have to sacrifice some of your wants and needs? What surprised you? Which situation seemed the most unfair? How do you think that living within such a low budget each month affects people’s health?