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For this section, your sources must come from academic peer-reviewed journals. I will make limited exceptions only if you discuss it with me at least one week before the due date for this section. If you are not familiar with annotated bibliographies, there are lots of resources available online. Just do a basic Google search. This is one cite that I recommend for annotated bibliographies: Go to Cline Library’s website and search for relevant literature on the ethical dilemma / topic that you have chosen. Identify at least ten (10) peer-reviewed articles that relate to your topic. Provide at least ten (10) article citations using APA format. Summarize each of the articles by focusing on: You are looking for academic peer reviewed literature that will allow you to write the below four sections. As such, for the annotations you must include which of the four sections (context, theory, ethics, justification for course of action) the reviewed article will help you write. Obviously, not all articles will cover all sections and it is totally appropriate for an article to cover only one section.

Example: Garrow,
David J. Protest at Selma: Martin Luther King and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1978.
 Garrow describes how the strategy of protest employed by Martin Luther King, Jr., and SCLC at Selma influenced the emergence of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He contends that the choice of Selma as a site for civil rights protests and the specific tactics that SCLC adopted in Selma were part of a plan to force the introduction and passage of national voting rights legislation. The foremost consideration in this campaign was the need to elicit “unprovoked white violence aimed at peaceful and unresisting civil rights demonstrators.” Garrow argues that at Selma “a strategy that bordered on nonviolent provocation supplanted the earlier belief in nonviolent persuasion.” SCLC correctly assumed that police violence would generate national media coverage and this, in turn, would stimulate reactions “throughout the country, and especially Washington,” leading to pressure for federal voting rights legislation.
-Then 10 quotes from all the 10  peer revieed articles that will be useful to write a paper about this  topic.
– This topic is transgender peoples relationship with the police, the history of discrimnation of transgendered people from police, how interations with police go when transgebder, history about margininilzed cummunities and how the transgender community is the same as that.
 Merely submit your 10 references in APA format, the subsequent annotations beneath, followed by your “sections”. I anticipate your annotated bibliographies to be approximately 4-5 pages in length.