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Recently, you have become interested in joining your neighbors and have formed a “Concerned Panel of Citizens” that raises awareness of critical environmental issues that impact humans.  This week, you are performing research around a particular toxin.  Pretend that you are attending a “townhall-style” meeting, where you will present your findings, concerns, and recommendations to the audience. Use this webpage to begin your research: (Links to an external site.)

What do I do?

First, select one of these toxins that you would like to learn more about:

  • SULFATES (from Acid rain)
  • NOx
  • OZONE (ground-level)
  • LEAD
  • MERCURY (foodwebs)
  • VOC’s
  • DDT
  • PCB’s
  • HCFC’s
  • CFC’s (relate to stratospheric ozone)
  • ORGANOPHOSPHATES (pesticides)
  • BPA’s (plastics)
  • Flame Retardants
  • FORMALDEHYDE (carpeting, construction, furniture)
  • LANOLIN (allergies)

Next, by using this EPA webpage ( (Links to an external site.) (and other information you research), find out the following information:

  • Where does the toxin come from?  What is its exposure pathway?
  • What specific health effects on humans is this toxin responsible for?
  • What recommendations does your group have to minimize the use?  How might you minimize negative health impacts?

What do I create?

Write a podcast script that is 3-minutes in length and is appropriate for a middle school student (for example, vocabulary, concepts, etc. can be understood by a 5th, 6th, or 7th grader).


Your script is meant to be informational, educational, and you must demonstrate your learning. Creativity and professionalism are both expected!!!