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To whom should one be most faithful

The Women of Trachis & Antigone, Sophocles – 3-4 outside sources (from academic data bases—E-library, Infotrack, J-Stor or otherwise) that will enhance your literary analysis of the above plays.
Please respect your efforts and do NOT share news articles, play reviews, or encyclopedia references of any sort. They have NO bearing in (academic) literary analysis.
1st draft, which is a minimum of HALF of the page requirement: YOU revise.
-2nd /REQUIRED TWC draft: an improved version of the 1st draft to be actively reviewed by a tutor at TWC
-3rd/Peer Review draft: an improved version of the 2nd draft, to be brought to class to be reviewed by an assigned peer
-And finally, your final draft: the immaculate, nearly perfected final version of multiple weeks of hard work