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To what extent do we live in a cave with limited perspectives and quest for enlightenment? Find an issue and example you want to discuss. Use the issue and example to explain how we have a limited perspective on an issue and how we can move out of the cave and see the issue from a new perspective.  (Examples of topics you might pursue: the pandemic, the need for higher education, consumption, social media, and etc.)
1). Describe the issue and example for your reader.
2). Assert something about the issue or example in a thesis your analysis will support or prove.
3). Reference an outside source to provide a context for the images or examples or issue (hard sources and interviews).
4.) Also, reference a quote from Wolf or Plato.
must be in MLA format and three written pages in length, total.  Please add an additional page of a list where the works cited.  Two hard sources are required.
Please write a cover letter for this assignment that reflects upon your thinking and writing as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your essay.