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Three Steps of Empowerment Evaluation

Three Steps of Empowerment Evaluation Paper

Review the section of the Fetterman text that discusses the Three-Step Approach to implementing
empowerment evaluation. Write a paper applying the three steps of empowerment evaluation to an
existing family life education program with which you are familiar. Imagine you are an empowerment
evaluator guiding the program staff members through an empowerment evaluation. The content of your
paper should be specific and include what you think the actual “mission or purpose” of the program would be, what program strengths and weaknesses would come up in an evaluation, and what staff members list as goals and strategies necessary to reach those goals. Be sure to be explicit about the three steps and to describe these in terms of applying them to a specific program. Use of reference material beyond the
course’s assigned readings is not required. While an abstract is not necessary, include an introduction and conclusion within the paper.
Page Length Guide: 4-6 page, double-spaced paper following APA standards