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Threaded Discussion: “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Please listen to and analyze “The Tell-Tale Heart.

Here is the link:

"The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe (dramatic reading) | G.M. Danielson (Links to an external site.)


1.) Did you like “The Tell-Tale Heart?” Why or why not?  (Day 1)

2.) What is happening in the story, “The Tell-Tale Heart?” (aka Plot) (Day 1)

3.) What is the theme or major message of the story?  (Day 2)

4.)  Which conflicts did you see in this story? Please explain your answers fully. (Day 2)

5.) Did you see any examples of irony in the story? Please explain your answers fully?  (Day 3)

6.) In your opinion, what did the old man’s eye represent? (Day 3)