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It is now time to present your thoughts on the sleeping enrichment devices to Toronto Zoo board members. Put together a two-page proposal stating your thoughts on which device should go to your species, and why. Based on the species at the zoo, you should also suggest where the other two devices could go. Your proposal should include a summary of the background research you have done, including ecological background, any adaptations (for arboreal species), preferred habitat (for terrestrial species), and activity patterns. Your proposal should be easy to understand by a wide audience but should be well informed with the use of proper terminology to appeal to experts at the Toronto Zoo. Use at least 2 scholarly journal sources to support your proposal. These sources will be in addition to the source you found for the second clue.

Writing the Virtual Mystery Report:

  1. Your practical team may create ONE Virtual Mystery Report or you can work on a Virtual Mystery Report individually. The Student Names on the Virtual Mystery Report will receive the same grade for the report.
  2. The Virtual Mystery report should address all the questions and instructions in Clue 4 on the web tool.
  3. Remember to cite all of your sources (in-text citations and references cited section) using APA format (there is a link for APA guidelines on Quercus). Don’t forget to cite your images as well as sources used for your written report.
  4. Be careful not to commit plagiarism. Assimilate the information from your sources and put them in your own words AND cite those sources in the text of your report (Author, year). Pay close attention to your originality report that will be generated on Quercus (but it may take an hour or two so submit early and check back after you have submitted). Originality reports that are not GREEN (<25%) will be checked manually. You can look over your report and resubmit it after revisions.
  5. Follow the grading rubric that is posted on Quercus. TAs will be using this rubric to grade your reports.
  6. FORMAT:
    • Reports should be 12″ font, double spaced, 1″ margins, with the # of references specified in Clue 4 in the text
    • References Cited Section at the end of the report.
    • Generally, reports are generally 2 to 3 pages in length with images and figures in an Appendix at the end of the report (not included in the page count).
    • If you are submitting a poster or display then you may submit it on a PowerPoint slide or as a .pdf from another program (e.g. Publisher).