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Read The American By Henry James

2. Begin the thesis paper with a signle sentence thesis statament that answers one of the question below and try to keep kyour entire respone focused on proving this statement. That means you should mlention “proofs” from the text(s) that support this thesis (like quotes). Spend some time on this.
   Question : 
1. Discuss to what extent Newman “loves” Madame de Cintre. What are her thoughts about the way he feels about her family? Refer to one quote.

2. Discuss what the novel seems to be suggesting about the connection between love and getting married and how you yourself feel about it. Refer to one quote.

3. Find three quote to back up your thesis !!
4. Reply to two other students essay. (I will send them to you when they post it)
5. Write a paragraph on what you like about the novel !!
6. Links to the Reading
The American By Henry James link :