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Theory, and Contemporary Issues
SIXTH EDITION by Lewis Vaughn

Please don’t use any external sources because my professor only wants to use the book:

Doing Ethics

Moral Reasoning, Theory, and Contemporary Issues
SIXTH EDITION by Lewis Vaughn

You live to fly fish. You have been saving up for years to afford two hours of solo fly fishing in the Scottish Highlands. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! After about half an hour of glorious fishing, you notice a lone woman wandering, following the river into the wilderness and away from the nearest town. She looks dispirited, exhausted, and possibly a bit desperate. When you inform her that she is still about 4 miles from the nearest town (and going the wrong direction), she is close to tears–she has already walked 15 miles that day! It’s getting towards evening, she has no more water, and you have to decide whether to ignore her plight and keep fishing or collect your gear and take her to the nearest farmhouse, missing out on your precious river time. What do you do?

Use Mill’s Utilitarianism and Ross’s prima facie v. actual duties to determine the right course of action. Be sure to demonstrate a thorough understanding of both theories.