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You are required to respond to a total of three questions regarding your understanding of the main theories in the field of HRM, as well as your awareness of how they may be applied in practice, including how they shape the development of your own skills. All answers need to be in the style of an essay, and no more than 2,000 words in total. Each answer will be worth 10 marks, for a total of 30 marks.

The purpose of this assessment is to develop your ability to identify the key HRM theories and models, and apply them to your life experience. By reflecting on your own weaknesses and strengths, this final task also allows you to learn more about yourself, the way you learn, and how to avoid making the same mistakes in your future career. Supporting our practice with relevant theories and unbiased evidence is a skill in contemporary professional practice, and should be exercised in this assessment.

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • conduct in-depth evaluation of your own experience and learning
  • address ideas and assertions substantiated through reference to theoretical material and key academic perspectives/views
  • present logical and cohesive discussion that provides evidence of critical and analytical thinking.