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Theoretical perspective of their choice

Students will write a research paper discussing a theoretical perspective of their choice. The paper will consider an overview of the theory, as well as the following:

1) What is the guiding metaphor for the theory under discussion?          2) What was the socio-cultural context within which this theoretical perspective was constructed?          3) What are the principle assumptions about human nature/human experience (ontology) and the way(s) in which knowledge arises (epistemology) contained within this theory?           4) What is the theory of change: How do psychological problems develop and how are they resolved within the perspective offered by this theory?                       5) What sociocultural, historical and/or ideological context(s) are relevant to the development of this theory?                       6) To what extent is the theory oriented to relational and broader socio-cultural and historical contexts?                       7) Does the theory take into account ideas and practices relating to social justice, anti-oppressive, anti-homophobic, and non-pathologizing forms of marginalization and exclusion?   8) Does the theory address the question of human “agency” and the agentive self?                   9) What does the theory say about the relationship between the client/person and the therapist?  For example, how does the theory address the question of how therapists use their expertise, lived experience, and social power?                      10) Does the theory take into account the imperative of therapist reflection upon their own practice as well as issues related to transference and countertransference?                  11) To what extent does the theory address contexts of socio-cultural diversity, sexuality, and other differences?         12) What core elements of the theory align with students’ personal value systems and why?

This paper will be 8-10 pages double spaced and include a minimum of 5- 8 peer reviewed sources from the past 10 years. APA formatting and citations are mandatory as the failure to cite sources appropriately constitutes plagiarism.