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Proffesor’s instructions:

Do not repeat the question in your answer.

Do not provide citations. Do not include quotations.

I have attached articles to facilitate the completion of the assignment.

(Even though there are many, feel free to utilize what you think will make it easy to answer the question).


Discussion Topic:  The Trial of Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg

Julius Rosenberg had been a student at City College of New York (now part of CUNY) when he first joined the American Communist Party.  He had made connections with some of the scientists, both in Britain and in the United States, who had worked on building the atomic bomb.  The British first discovered that one of their scientists, Klaus Fuchs, had given some of the secrets of the bomb to the Soviets; and when they questioned Fuchs, they received information that Julius Rosenberg and his wife, Ethel, had also been spies for the Soviet Union.  The United States charged both Julius and Ethel Rosenberg with espionage and demanded the death penalty for both defendants.  Both protested their innocence and claimed that they had had nothing to do with spying for the Soviet Union.  They had two young boys, aged three and six, and those children would be orphans if their parents were sent to the electric chair.  Many Americans believed that the Rosenbergs were being prosecuted only because they were communists.  Your task this week is to read the evidence presented in court by the prosecution against the Rosenbergs and then decide if you will send the Rosenbergs to the electric chair.  Who testified for the federal government?  Would you believe those witnesses?  How persuasive is the evidence?  There are very few good readings on this important legal case and so I am asking you this week to read the Wikipedia article on the trial.  It’s a good article; but remember to write your essay in your own words!  

Wikipedia article:

Question to be answer:

  1. Will you vote that the Rosenbergs are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or will you decide that they are not guilty?

Give two reasons for your decision.

Minimum 350 words and no less than 300.