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 A  4-5 page comparison/contrast essay of Educated by Tara Westover and “A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin (   This essay builds on our previous work by inviting you to consider how two very different pieces of writing “speak” to each other over time on one topic (education):  in spite of many obvious—and expected—differences, they have a lot in common.   What they have in common will be the primary focus of this essay.  This involves all the skills we worked on in Essay 1 (crafting an argument, using textual support, etc.) and introduces the skill of synthesis, combining ideas from different sources.  Only site from the sources above; no outside research  is permitted. All writing must be your own original work and be written specifically for this class. 

      What common barriers to education do Westover and Baldwin identify, and how do they think these barriers can   be overcome?