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i am supposed to do like a critical reflection between these three articles and relate it to the week topic which is

The Social Economy, Crisis and Transition


Mazzucato, M. (2018). “The Economics of Hope” (243-252) in The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy. Penguin Press.

Mason, P. (2015) “The end of capitalism has begun.” The Guardian 17(7).

Quilley, S. (2012). System Innovation and a New ‘Great Transformation’: Re-embedding economic life in the context of ‘De-growth’. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship3(2), 206-229.

This paper should take the form of a critical discussion of a theme, issue or hypothesis related to all of the readings/ lecture content from one week of class. These essays are not research papers but students are permitted to draw upon sources or empirical evidence from beyond the syllabus. These essays are not mere summaries of the readings; the purpose is to develop a critical analysis of the material and an original ‘take’ on the week’s content. The papers must be a minimum of between 750-1000 words in length (not including the bibliography)

-Introduction: 1) introduce the problem/question 2) thesis statement (your own argument) 3) present
the structure of your essay very briefly
-Body: presenting the content of your paper, [backing up all of your statements with references to
course material/texts/lectures/documentaries] 1) summary of the week’s theme (linking readings
together in a discussion) 2) present your argument [backed up by references to source material]
conclusion: summing up your argument and main points/theme of the week.