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You may be familiar with the fact that the United States is one of the only industrialized societies where healthcare is not something every citizen can count on. Perceptions of healthcare in contemporary society mirror debates you are by now familiar within social welfare policy contexts—who does society deem “worthy,” where does responsibility lie for social well-being, and who decides the answers to those questions.

In this Discussion, you examine a more recent landmark social welfare policy and consider its context within societal perception and need.

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources.
  • Review the resources related to the Affordable Care Act and consider issues that the policy raises.

By Day 3

Post a response to the following:

  • Describe the goals of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Is access to healthcare a right or a privilege?
  • How does the historical context of healthcare policy intersect with social justice and the mission of social work?
  • Explain how the clarity, or lack of clarity, around a policy affects the usefulness of that policy for the intended population.