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There 5 sources provided already.

In terms of type, the term paper should be a literature survey, which involves a discussion and synthesis of published literature.

The title page of the term paper should contain the following:
A. Title of the paper

B. Course number and instructor

C. Your name 

D. Date
The paper should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and references. The introduction should
state the topic’s statement, the question analyzed, the justification—the rationale or why you think
the topic is important, and a thesis statement outlining what conclusion you will draw from your
analysis and synthesis of the literature. I expect you to discuss and assess the literature based on a
theme or chronology organizing principles in the paper’s body. Finally, the conclusion of your term
paper should provide a summary of your findings from the literature survey. I recommend that you
follow the APA format in referencing
Focus on the economic effect of the paper result, no harm to mention the psychological stuff, but the paper is mostly about economic.