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Mini-Research Paper:

The mandatory mini-research paper. The research topic will be based on The Problem with, the War on Drugs in America. The paper must be written in MLA format. Argue your point on how the war on drugs in America can be improvedResearch your topic thoroughly using what you have learned in class as well as outside sources. You must include a Works Cited page of your sources with your submission. There should be four sources, two of which should be peer-reviewed sources, that you are using to gather your information. Your paper must be at least four full pages, double spaced, 12 font, with a Works Cited page, to earn full credit. You will be graded on content, works cited, as well as grammar and mechanics. Content must be properly sourced within your paper. It is important that you follow the format on the rubric to earn maximum points. Please submit your rubric with your research paper. NO RESEARCH PAPERS ON MARIJUANA WILL BE ACCEPTED!