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The Ongoing Battle with Anxiety and Depression

-A written literature review covering a current topic in biological psychology. 10 double spaced pages of written content (excluding title page, figures, references, appendices)

-The sources for the literature review should come from peer reviewed journals accessible through our library research database or Google Scholar.

– I reccommend a minimum of 10 articles/sources in order to have sufficent material to write about, you don’t have to use all 10 articles, as long as its 10 pages

– I have an outline of how it could look like, but I don’t know if it’s right, I’ll attach it below as well

– I have looked at 10 sources and can provide you with them so you don’t have to look for them yourself, one of them I couldn’t fully access it (Increased neural sensitivity to self-relevant stimuli in major depressive disorder)