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Take into account the Convention of 4 May 1971 on the Law Applicable to Traffic Accidents

Also The Rome II Regulation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations

Analyze other legislation in the middle east and the conflicts of laws on the issues

Formatting of the assignment:

The formatting throughout the paper is uniform (the paragraph spacing and alignment, spacing after headings, font, table of contents is made by a reference table, table of references etc)

The footnotes use a uniform style of citation throughout the paper (which style is left for the students to choose)

Structure of the assignment:

The paper has a table of contents, introduction, the main part and a conclusion, as well as a list of references at the


The Main part is divided into headings and subheadings

The headings and subheadings are addressing the most important points of the topic

The content under each heading/subheading corresponds to the heading/subheading

Footnotes and sources:

There is a good number of footnotes on each page (except for introduction and conclusion where no footnotes should be used)

There is overall a good number of sources used

The footnotes are diverse (students do not rely only on 2-3 sources throughout the paper, but use other sources in a meaningful way)

The quality of sources (mainly books and peer reviewed papers, laws and statutes, websites only where necessary and with a clear identification of the author

Effectiveness and content:

The content corresponds to the title

The content covers main questions that the title raises

The language used effectively shows within the limited space the understanding of the topic

The content provides for argument for and against of a certain legal position and is not onesided