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Identify and analyze 3 elements of life on the “rez” that Alexie uses in the short stories we read and discussed in the group discussion forums.  In your thesis, explain how and why all 3 elements represent Reservation Realism.  Provide evidence from text and explanations to support your 3 elements.

While focusing on each element per body paragraph, provide your analysis of 1 figurative language device (tone, language, style, imagery and/or symbolism) as it relates to the character(s) or story plot.

Conclude with your overall analysis of Alexie’s use of “alcohol-soaked” stories to depict the Indian community.  Why was there a need for Alexie to expose his community like this?  What is next for people on the “rez”?


  • Identify three elements
  • Support with convincing examples from our readings
  • Provide proper set-up of introduction with a brief summary and thesis
  • Provide proper set-up of conclusion and with your final observations/solutions
  • Use of figurative language devices
  • Review the requirements of format; this is similar to your R/R#1; for a review, you can also look at the Module “Format and Grading Rubrics” and review the link “Essay Guidelines and Format”
  • Minimum 3 full pages – 4 full pages maximum
  • MLA format (please use a balance of quotes and paraphrase for examples); for a review on MLA format and guidelines, you can look at the Module “MLA References”