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In this assignment, include the following sections:

Introduction and background to the company.
Who founded the company?
When was it founded?
How was the idea of the organization born?
How was the journey at the initial stage of the company?
Analyze the internal environments.
Highlight what the company does best.
What makes them the best in what they do?
How did they attract customers or consumers?
What are the key products of the organization you have chosen? Company’s current offering (brand/ product/ service).
Micro and macro environmental analysis.
Conduct a SWOT analysis.
Target Market analysis
Identify and describe a target market or audience (customer profile, demographics, geographics etc.).
Analyze current Business portfolio (BCG Matrix).
Identify growth opportunities (product/market expansion grid or Ansoff matrix).
Competitor analysis
Mention what ways are the companies using to counter and crush their opponents.
Marketing Strategies
Pricing of the product and service.
Promotion of the brand.
Distribution of product to reach a larger segment of the target audience.
Compare the marketing mix with competition.
Conclusion and recommendations.
Number of pages -Four pages (without the cover page).
Page margins -Top and bottom margin 1 inch, left margin and right margin 1 inch.
Insert the page number bottom right of the page.
Spacing -1.5 spaced, spacing before and after paragraph 0 pt.
Font -Times New Roman, fully justified.
Font -Size 12.
Use proper headings and subheadings, Times New fully justified.
Font -Size 12.
Use proper headings and subheadings, Times New Roman 12pt Bold.
Minimum word count – 1250.
Document should be saved in word (doc.) format.
Save the document as “Final Paper – Your Name”.
E.g.: Final Paper – John Doe
Referencing – APA style referencing.