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Hopefully you are learning a lot about interacting with art. But you might also be wondering what this has to do with your major and future career. It’s a totally fair question: How is a better understanding of “what art does” and “how people respond to it” going to help YOU to be a better accountant, educator, or programmer? The answer is simple enough: If you’re going to be interacting with people, creating services for people, or creating things that people will interact with, then you’re going to be working in the humanities (at least in part).
Granted, it’s a bold claim to say that anyone who works with humans will benefit from the skills developed while trying to figure out what makes a painting “work” or why a particular poem resonates so well. That’s the kind of claim that needs to be backed up—perhaps by looking at how a course in calligraphy might equip someone to build the most valuable company in the world.

Please write a discussion post on the following:  Based on the above reading.  I just need a good paragraph or two.

How can the perspective of the humanities have a positive impact on your current or future professional career? That is, how could you make use of these principles in the workplace?