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The glass Menagerie by Tennesee Williams new directins book 1999( question is based on this book)

3 pages or 5 paragraphs

MLA format

introduction, body and conclusion

Must have two or more citation from the book

You can choose the question from below ( Only one question)

1.Compare and/or contrast perceptions and reality within the play.


  1. Define “nobility of character” and apply it to one character in the play.


  1. Analyze the effects of staging on the play.


  1. Argue whether Tom’s decision at the end of the play is right or wrong.


The essay should consist of an introduction with a clearly stated thesis sentence, and 3-5 well developed supporting paragraphs with topic sentences. It should also include at least one specific example and a properly cited direct quotation from the text of the play in each body paragraph to support your opinion. MLA format, 8th edition, is used for language and literature.


Use the literary present tense and the third person. Quotations of dialogue should make it clear which character(s) are speaking. Avoid excessive plot summary. You are not required to follow strictly a 5 paragraph, 3 point structure as long as your thesis and points are coherent